started pudelpointer available dogs

Started Pudelpointer is occasionally available dog or started dog available. Started dogs can be a very economical choice for the hunter and family. These dogs have substantial training and represent great value.

Within the industry there is no defined standard of skills, ability or training to receive the label started dog or started pudelpointer. Training can vary significantly between two started dogs from the same kennel. Discussion with the breeder/trainer should clearly state the abilities of the dog or dogs you’re considering. Often potential clients over or underestimate the dogs level of training. A tremendous value could be overlooked or missed as a result. In general a started pudelpointer should have demonstrable hunting abilities and basic obedience. The term “green broke” is often used and basically means a started dog as well.

Dogs develop different skills at different ages. Not every 8 month old pudelpointer will be steady to flush or shot. Nor will each pup be sitting and presenting on the retrieve delivery.

Simply put the term “started pudelpointer” will apply to dogs whose skill level falls within a very wide range.

started pudelpointer