Stonesthrow Pudelpointers

Stonesthrow pudelpointers, Oregon’s premiere pudelpointer breeder and trainer for over eighteen years.

Sincere Pudelpointer breeders of today work to maintain and improve the versatile abilities of the breed. In a world where profits drive behavior always exercise your due diligence when researching your new hunting partner of the next 12 to 15 years.

Pudelpointers are versatile gundogs equally at home in the field or marsh. Their desire and drive have made the breed extremely successful in NAVHDA testing. While the pudelpointer has fire in the field the pudelpointer is also capable of being the perfect gentleman or lady in the home. As a result Pudelpointers are found only in the homes of serious hunters. The growing popularity and success of the Pudelpointer has caused the creation of several kennels. Simply exercise due diligence when researching. NAVHDA has an excellent website where data on pudelpointers and individual dogs is available.

Pudelpointer making chukar retrieve
Stonesthrow’s Bailey
Nothing more rewarding than watching your dog return in a successful retrieve.

Stonesthrow Pudelpointers, Oregon’s premiere pudelpointer breeder and trainer. When searching for your next hunting companion contact Stonesthrow Pudelpointers.

Pudelpointers come in a variety of coats, colors and sizes.

Stonesthrow Pudelpointers can help you wade through the varieties in a logical process. The advantages and disadvantages of coats, sizes and colors are often overlooked. Puppies and their availability can cause people to react very emotionally. Our help can assist you regardless of where you may purchase your pudelpointer. We have found that considering options well in advance eases concerns and focuses a client’s thought process. Performance will always be Stonesthrow’s focus while maintaining the clownish, loving and playful personality that makes the pudelpointer so endearing to us all.

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A special congratulations to these Stonesthrow Pudelpointer Invitational Qualifying Stonesthrow Pudelpointers. Stonesthrow’s Katie Elder Stonesthrow’s Noble Justice https://STONESTHROWPUDELPOINTERS.COM/STONESTHROWS-NOBLE-JUSTICE/ Stonesthrow’s November Man Quality breeding shines through. The three dogs listed above are directly related. Katie Elder (Kate) is the dam to both Noble Justice (Hutch) and November Man (Tukr). Their sire is Stonesthrow’s Icarus (Doc) … Continue reading Stonesthrow Pudelpointers Invitational qualifiers

Congratulations !!!

To Stonesthrow’s Odin, Owned by Omar Amezquita. Omar and Odin achieved 112 points and a prize 1 in the NAVHDA Natural Ability Test. Another congratulations to Stonesthrow’s Noble Justice (Hutch) for achieving 189 points and a prize 1 on Hutch’s NAVHDA Utility Test. Great work by both of these prize 1 dogs!

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