Pudelpointer Stud dog options

Pudelpointer Breeders work diligently to locate quality stud dogs That are available for breeding. Five UT PZ 1 pudelpointer Stud Dogs Are listed below. These dogs represent significant genetic diversity capable of meeting any of your breeding needs. the pedigrees of these males contain great diversity designed to compliment a variety of pudelpointer lines. Pudelpointer breeders seeking quality genetics along with quality proven pudelpointer stud dogs for their females can contact us at larrystone@bendbroadband.com

Pudelpointer Stud Dog

Stonesthrow’s Icarus (Doc)

NA 112 PZ 1 , UT 198 PZ 1

Doc is a powerful male equally at home in the marsh or field. A proven stud with consistent extremely high performance from his offspring.


Stonesthrow’s noble justice (HUTCH)

NA 112 PZ 1, UT 189 PZ 1

Hutch is a dynamic field dog, powerful in the water, sweet, kind and very lovable male who is a pleasure in the home. His shorter coat blends well with long or soft coats where the breeder is seeking to harden the coat.



Stonesthrow’s November man

NA 112 PZ 1, UT 192 PZ I

Tuker is typical of his line. Proven field performer with an incredible love of water. Tuker is owned by Rob Benton and is Rob’s first bird dog. Congratulations on their achievements. We look forward to Tuker’s future contributions to the breed.



Hardtrigger’s Ever Higher

NA 110 PTS PZ1, UT 192 PTS PZ I

Oskar is the definition of a “versatile” dog.  He has proven himself in thick pheasant cover, steep chukar slopes and icy water retrieves.  His high field desire is balanced with his pleasant personality in the home.



Stonepine’s Bodo

NA 107 PZ 1, UT 197 PZ 1

Bodo has an athletic physique with lasting stamina to compliment his large range. Versatile, a strong swimmer, exceptional drive with a beautiful hard point and remarkable retrieves makes him a top performer.


For additional information on pudelpointer pedigrees go to NAVHDA.ORG

On the NAVHDA web site you will be able to research a dogs performance and pedigree. Also available is data on the specific dog’s offspring. The prodigy reports shows the testing results of the offspring. This allows you to view all of a stud dogs tested puppies.

Pudelpointer Breeders put considerable effort, time and resources into the selection, development and qualifying of a stud dog. In the case of these males all have achieved the highest Prize level available in NAVHDA Utility testing. Please feel free to call with your questions.