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In cooperation with Sage Creek Pudelpointers we our Announcing a late August litter. Contact Bill Combs at SageCreekpudelpointers.com

Stonesthrow’s Icarus


Motherlode’s Izzy

You will find the performance reports and pedigree’s of these fine dogs and other pudelpointers at navhda.org.

Our Pudelpointer puppies and litters represent 20 years of work, dedication and proven results in pudelpointer development and breeding.

Stonesthrow pups are sold with NAVHDA breeding restrictions. Breeding restrictions may be lifted at the request of the owner(s) provided the dog meets the current breeding requirements of the North American Pudelpointer Society. No fees are charged by Stonesthrow for removing breeding restrictions on qualified dogs. NAVHDA fees may apply.

” breeding dogs is easy, even dogs can do it”.


The quote above helps illustrate why Stonesthrow utilizes breeding restrictions. Breeder opinions may differ on breeding restrictions however almost all will agree that breeding requirements or minimums are necessary. There is one example of two unrestricted, untested, non-xrayed pudelpointers purchased by a single kennel that resulted in 149 descendants. This illustrates the potential impact that even a single dog can create in a very short period of time. Our Pudelpointer litters are managed closely. We do not produce large numbers of pudelpointer litters, generally just two per year. We ask that those interested in our litters be honest sportsmen or women who seek a quality hunting partner. Regardless of where you may find your future hunting companion please honor the commitment and effort made by the breeders and breed enthusiasts in developing this wonderful breed. Contact Stonesthrow for more information.


Stone Pines Bodo is an intense high desire male with a beautiful natural point and strong love of water. He is a NAVHDA Natural Ability litter sire . With three pups in that litter achieving their NAVHDA Utility Titles before reaching two years of age. An impressive feat for any stud dog.

Stone Pine's Bodo sire of litter

Stone Pine’s Bodo


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