Our Dogs

Below is a video of ten month old Stonesthrow’s Noble Justice (Hutch). I welcome you to watch and get an idea of how our dogs work a field. The video is long as it is just over seven minutes. The video could have been edited to a shorter length but I feel this additional length gives you a much better idea than a simple 20 or 30 second clip.

Hutch at ten months

Cedarwood’s Spurwing Cruiser

NA 112 PZ 1, UT 174 PZ III

Rock Creek Cady

NA 108 PZ I, UT 192 PZ II

Stonesthrow’s Icarus

NA 112 PZ I, UT 198 PZ I

Stonesthrow’s Katie Elder
NA 110 PZ 1, UT 185 PZ II
Stonesthrow’s Echoes of Elvira
NA 112 PZ 1, UT 177 PZ III

Stonesthrow’s Becca

NA 112 PZ I

Stonesthrow’s Bailey

Stonesthrow’s Contessa

NA 112 PZ 1