Pudelpointer History

Pudelpointer History: In 1881, a German breeder, Baron von Zedlitz, worked on producing his ideal tracking, pointing, and retrieving gun dog, suitable for work on both land and water. From seven specific Pudel and nearly 100 different pointers, he developed the Pudelpointer. The original sire was Tell, an English Pointer belonging to Kaiser Frederick III and the original dam was a German hunting pudel named Molly who was owned by Hegewald, an author known for works on hunting dogs. An interesting tactic used in Pudelpointer history is a group of pudelpointer breeders were used. These new pudelpointer breeders stayed within their core foundation dogs for the first few generations than dogs were shared among the other pudelpointer breeders. The goal was to produce a dog that was willing and easy to train, intelligent, and loved water and retrieving, like the pudel, and add to that a great desire to hunt, a strong pointing instinct, and an excellent nose, like in the English Pointer, as well as being an excellent companion in the home. The Pudel breed had much stronger genes, and so many more Pointers were used to achieve the balanced hunting dog that was desired. A mix of 11 Pudels and 80 Pointers were used during the first 30 years to achieve the desired traits and results. The breed was introduced to North America in 1956 by Bodo Winterhelt, he remained very involved and dedicated in maintaining the breed during his life here in North America. His Winterhelle Kennel was the foundation of the breed in North America. Even now many Winterhelle dogs can be found in the pedigrees of todays North American Pudelpointer. A number of North American kennels import dogs from German, Czechoslovakian and Austrian kennels to help maintain genetic diversity within the breed in North America.

Pudelpointer History shows that many black pudels were used in developing the breed.
Stonesthrow’s Icarus, AKA Doc
NA 112 PZ 1, UT 198 PZ 1
Use this link to see a brief pudelpointer history from the Bodo Winterhelt Pudelpointer Association .
Rock Creek Cady
NA 108 PTs PZ 1, UT 192 PTs PZ II
A large number of pointers were used by pudelpointer breeders resulting in the type shown here.

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